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Our Vision for the 2022 Youth Representative Program

Our world now

Over the past years and its events we have seen, felt, and realised that young people are well-placed to address challenges impacting their lives, demonstrated by widespread global mobilisation and youth engagement. But at the same time, our systems and structures may not provide the resources that support their participation in co-creating change. Young people are eager to go forward, forward in a way that is inclusive, accessible, and empowering for everyone without discrimination, especially for those who are consistently marginalised by society.

The Vision

Your voices

The Youth Rep program for this year is underpinned by the principle of being driven by young people’s passions and ideas for addressing the persisting inequities they face and co-design a vision for a society that amplifies our voices, experiences, and opinions. In this appointment, I will bring young people’s collective and varying views before key UN stakeholders at the General Assembly, governments, and decision-makers, providing a space for engagement in intergenerational dialogues that will build accountability mechanisms and resources in youth affairs and further our recommendations. But what is even more importantly, is making sure that young people are not only heard from but they get to hear back. Along the way, it’s my hope to always come back to you in what I do and have you grounded within every engagement of the Youth Rep program. Why? Because nothing is more important than making sure young people are engaged in non-tokenistic ways.

Our future ahead